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            Development Trend of Automobile Harness Manufacturing Technology

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            Development Trend of Automobile Harness Manufacturing Technology

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

            Automotive wiring harness is the main circuit of the network, there is no wiring harness does not exist car circuit.

            Harness of the importance of the car, it was so metaphor, the heart of the car is like the engine, then the blood vessels is like a car line. Bad blood vessels, affecting heart function. Line is not good, affecting engine performance. Therefore, the wiring harness factory for harness manufacturing technology R & D is particularly important in order to use new technologies to ensure the performance of the wiring harness good quality and excellent.

            In the past, automotive power and a variety of signal distribution systems PASDS (Power and Signal Distribution System) transmission carrier is generally wire harness, the current level of technology, the stronger the function of the car, the harness of the technical content and complexity of the more high. A mid-range car has nearly a thousand connection interface, more than thirty microprocessors and hundreds of pairs of connectors, the total length of the wire used 1500 to 2000 meters. Harnesses can generally be divided into instrument clusters, engine clusters and body clusters. With the development of information technology, automotive network is the direction of modular development, network clusters have been ready to come, the function of instrumentation harness extended from the normal signal transmission to data transmission. Due to the limitation of the transmission signal of the wire, the development of the vehicle is more and more hindered, and the cable has the advantages of fast transmission speed, large capacity, small volume, strong confidentiality and good anti-jamming, etc. and will soon become the future vehicle data processing and exchange Of the preferred material, and will eventually replace the traditional wiring harness, the power and signal distribution system into a new historical stage of development. Such as BMW's D-class cars have been using fiber optic cable technology, Japan has also followed, into the actual loading stage. At present, the new trends in the development of wire harness manufacturing are: Multi-station connection technology: refers to the wiring harness can connect multiple intelligent devices internal connection system, which not only can share battery energy, reliable grounding, more importantly, it can share data, greatly reducing the Module input and output, counting the number of simplified modules and wiring harness assembly; due to the reduction of a large number of docking points, production costs will be significantly reduced; multiple transmission technology: refers to the beam in a public medium to transmit multiple signals, The controller can share information and avoid individual wiring. The advantages are: to simplify the wiring harness wiring, compact structure, can reduce the weight, but also reduce costs; more accurate for the fault diagnosis, engineering changes more quickly, more convenient maintenance of defects; electronics, electrical integration technology: refers to the modern The BEC (Electrical Appliance Center), which is an electronic and electrical integrated central electrical box, is electrically equivalent to a small substation, distributing the energy of the battery from the wiring harness to each circuit as needed; in electronic functions, Like a small data processing center, processing and sending a variety of signals. Automotive wiring harness in the car electronic technology content, has gradually become an important indicator of the evaluation of vehicle performance.

            Harness the future prospects of the automotive wiring harness is vast, wire harnessing companies should continue to enhance their own technical standards, in order to expand the size of the automotive wiring harness market in the process, in a dominant position. To keep up with technological trends, I think this is all harnesses the power of sustainable development can be where the source.

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