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            Alpha, Belden cable applications

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            Alpha, Belden cable applications

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

            With the development of foreign investment or cross-border procurement in China, the usage of wire harnesses, medical equipment harnesses of foreign brands such as Alpha, Belden, JUDD Wire, Lapp, Gore, Igus and so on are increasing in China.

            Alpha and Belden are now the same company with different brands, European and American enterprises in the cable selection tend to choose these brands, because of its excellent quality, has been for decades in various industries (equipment, communications, industrial control, etc.) Be tested and approved.

            Lapp, Gore, Igus and other brands of cables used in automation equipment, in the robot, towline bodies are also widely used.

            Unfortunately, our domestic wire manufacturing enterprises have not done so successfully. However, the domestic product cable is also more and more foreign companies have been affirmed.

            In the technical level, the domestic enterprises are not as good as Europe and the United States, but our own position is not high, their own requirements are not high. Many companies in pursuit of short-term benefits, in the materials, performance and other self-reducing requirements.

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