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            What are the key points in the wiring harness production process?

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            What are the key points in the wiring harness production process?

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

            Medical equipment wiring harness processing general work processes include cutting line, peeling, stripping head, pressure terminals, dip tin, insert shell, welding, casing, testing, visual inspection, packaging and storage processes.

            It can be said that each process is important, need to pay attention to matters are more directly related to the quality of the entire wiring harness.

            1: the line length of the request line in the tolerance range, too long is too short can not flow to the next process;

            2: stripping also have length requirements, but can not hurt the internal core;

            3: stripping head length requirements, which directly related to the terminal specifications, too short is too long to crimp terminal is not qualified;

            4: The pressure is important to pull the terminal must meet the standard, terminal appearance to be ok;

            5: dip tin on tin and some tin, not a broom head, split ends, bulk and other phenomena, or failure;

            6: insert the wrong plug easily inserted in place, is also very important;

            7: welding can not appear false welding, Weld, leakage welding, welding error;

            8: casing, including sets of thermal control, pvc pipe, Chan Raoguan, yellow wax, etc., size and technology are stringent requirements;

            9: test, including conduction test, resistance voltage test, do not meet the requirements for the bad product;

            10: The appearance of inspection is added in front of the inspection process, the appearance of the overall wiring harness, unqualified need to return repair;

            11: Packaging storage for each harness to a reasonable packaging and storage, or qualified products will become bad products, but also very important, oh.

            So every link is critical, only good control of each link, to the customer is the qualified product!

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