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            Harness processing

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            Harness processing

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

            Harness processing has a strict and correct process, UPS uninterruptible power supply wiring harness will determine the quality of the emergence of processing, so every step of the processing process should pay attention to and meticulous.

                1: Acceptance link: mainly for the acceptance of an incoming, you can use the ROHS instrument or other equipment for basic testing, the main acceptance of hazardous substances are lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated biphenyl bromide diphenyl ether.

                2: the inspection of qualified wire on the transfer frame, the delivery line, then you have to pay attention to avoid scratching the wire surface.

                3: CD line; this time to use the CD-ray machine to cut the required length of wire.

                4: peeling: sop requirements under the insulation skin, mainly using pneumatic stripping machine

                5: twisted wire: the conductor at the junction of finishing, twisting. The main use of twisting machine.

                6: riveting: the use of the terminal at the connector on the conductor and plug terminals riveted.

                7: Assembly: The harness to deal with a good assembly, the main assembly of plastic plug shell.

                8: test, the final product testing, qualified before packaging.

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