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            Harness factory wiring harness connector ----- What is the characteristic

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            Harness factory wiring harness connector ----- What is the characteristic

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

            Harness connector characteristics: instrumentation harness connectors such as automotive wiring harness connector is connected to various electrical appliances and electronic equipment, an important component in the power, switches, electrical and electronic equipment to transfer electrical signals between, known as the nerve of the car, is the car A carrier for carrying out an electric signal control. With good air tightness, beautiful appearance and so on. main feature:

            1: single pole 75 amp connector and terminal;
            2: Operating voltage: 600 volts, (AC or DC can be);
            3: plug life: more than 5000 times;
            4: voltage insulation voltage: 2200 volts;
            5: On-resistance: 100 micro ohms.

            Harness connector products. Wire harness connector products used in automotive, home appliances, instrumentation, office equipment, business machines, electronic components such as lead and electronic control panels, used in digital products, household appliances, automobile industry. With the increase in vehicle functions, the common application of electronic control technology, more and more electrical pieces, wires will be more and more.

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