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            Harness processing production testing methods

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            Harness processing production testing methods

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

              Companies adhere to the integration of industry and trade and industrial diversification of the road of development, with a strong technical strength, sophisticated production equipment and improve the system of continuous research and development to create the market-leading high, new, sophisticated and other cutting-edge products. And has initially formed the industrial diversification, the development of large-scale, professional management, market globalization, management system, cultural humanization of the industrial structure.

              For the new and old customers with a full range of electronic wiring harness, home appliances harnesses, industrial equipment, such as Harness Harness manufacturing. The main products: communication harness, medical equipment wiring harness, office equipment wiring harness, electrical wiring harness, automotive wiring harness, electric cars, lighting harness, and a variety of special connecting wire.

              Contact or a terminal at the same time to connect two or more wires, select the larger cross-sectional area of the wire measurement of tension.
              In addition to very simple wiring harness, the conduction performance of the test should be used to guide the Taiwan, it is a priori design, the use of wire harness to determine the size of the wiring harness, Set a good detection procedures for computer testing equipment. In the detection of the wire before the test to enter the number, name, so that when the  

              corresponding wiring harness in accordance with the corresponding jack after each connection can be conducted through the circuit test, if the failure can be displayed through the computer screen to Prompt detection personnel.

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