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            Harness processing What are the functions

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            Harness processing What are the functions

            Release date:2016-10-26 Author: Click:

            Harness processing What are the functions

              In modern cars, the electronic control system and wiring harness is closely related. Some people have played an image of the analogy: microcomputer equivalent to the human brain, the sensor is equivalent to sensory organs, the implementation of components equivalent to the movement tube, then the harness is the nerve and blood vessels.
            In this case,

              Automotive wiring harness from the functional points, there are carrying actuator (actuator) power line and transfer sensor input command signal line two. The power line is a heavy electric wire carrying large current, and the signal wire is a thin electric wire (optical fiber communication) which does not carry electric power.

              In the motor, the implementation of components for the wire cross-sectional area of 0.85,1.25 mm2, and power supply circuit with a wire cross-sectional area of 2,3,5 mm2; and special circuits (starter, alternator, engine ground wire) 10,15,20 mm2 different specifications. The choice of wire, in addition to considering the electrical performance, but also by the physical constraints when the vehicle. For example, the frequent on / off doors on the meter harness taxi and the wires across the body should consist of wires with good flexing properties. In recent years, the weak signal circuit using electromagnetic shielding line is also increasing.

              With the increase of the function of the car, the common application of the electronic control technology, the number of the circuit and the electric quantity of the car are increased obviously, the harness becomes thicker and heavier, how to make the large number of harnesses more effective and reasonable in the limited automobile space Layout, so that the car harness to play a greater function, has become the automobile manufacturing industry is facing problems.

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